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(no subject) [May. 7th, 2005|09:06 pm]
[Current Mood |cheerfulcheerful]
[Current Music |my mix CD..lil bit o' country to it lol]

hehe it was hard coming up with a title to this entry..oh well hehe whats up guys?? I'm updating cause I've had a really good morning...chilled with one of my best friends...hehe was back then n 5 years can't even keep us from bein great friends again :-)..hehe I missed Sean!! hehe he likes to make fun of me, but its all good..I annoy him :-D...haha anyway, nothing much else is going on...hangin out with sean this morning was mostly why I came home...I mean besides seeing the best fam in the world :-)...hopefully we get to go on the boat for a lil while tomorrow for Mother's Day :-)...I'm almost done with classes!! :-D....I only have like one more essay left before its all over..cept a few finals :-)....hehe ohh n I got my writing bug back for a lil while :-D...hehe finishin up the first chapter of my "novel" lol...sooo excited to be finally done with it all..u have no idea lol...beach, boys, and finally gettin myself a job :-)...its gonna be a good summer..n how could I forget being the biggest frickin dork with CLAIRE lol...between her n Krystal n Rach..they are my three best friends in the world :-)...haha don't worry u are too Sean :-P...just on the boy side lol...im such a frickin dork....well claire is freaking out with what I just told her so I better go lol..plus i got my story to finish :-P...see u all later!

<33 MeL

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Save a Horse...Ride a Cowboy! [Apr. 30th, 2005|11:01 pm]
[Current Mood |ditzyhaha what else is new]
[Current Music |"Don't Phunk With My Heart"--Black Eyed Peas]

haha what a great line lol..it is sooo true!...those poor horses man lol ;-P..hehe well today wasn't too eventful...I went to the mall this morning at like 10 (yeah 10 in the morning lol i know..me..up..its amazing lol)...n I got my mama her mother's day present n then I came back here n chilled out n then I went with my mom on errands...got to go to Petco n pet some animules...so i was excited..saw a few doggies...EEE!! doggies!!! lol...I heart them hardcore lol...anywayyy, so then me n my mama got chinese food for dinner n watched Exorcist: The Beginning hehe I wasn't as scared as when I saw it in the movie theater..yeah I know ppl thought it was stupid, but I'm so jumpy n a scaredy cat lol..so no making fun of me!! = P...from then on its been nothing much...I did get some hw done today so I only have one thing left to do tomorrow n then I'm all good!!...school is almost finally over..woohoo!! hehe I can't wait for the summer!! = D...hangin' with friends, I get to get a job, and going on my boat!! hehe ohhh how stoked I am!! = P...hopefully I get to hang out with some new ppl this summer too = D...*ahem* john *ahem*...hehe omg..I miss claire sooo much!! lol I told Chris that today...haha where am I without my dorky "sister"..haha thats what she feels like to me...omg!! lol I went by Margerie Post today n i miss goin there n bein crazy with her!! lol soon claire! soooonnn!! = P...i miss being a dork lol...I also have to really hang out with Triceyy!! shes movin = (...so I gotta make sure I get to see her!! gonna miss u girl!!....I miss my Krys too!!...shes my other sister lol...haha I literally feel like their moms are my mom too lol n visa versa hehe...anyway, I have soo many ppl I really gotta hang out with!!...hopefully I get to see my sister chromosome this summer at one point!! haha me n her are sooo goin out n gettin drunk when we both turn 21 cuz we are the only ones who do around the same time lol..plus we get good drunk together lol...mmmm cappacinos...ewww put more sugar in!! lol shh he's coming..don't say anything! lol...bastard..lol...haha ahhh sooo many good memories! lol...claire!! can we go swimming in the coats at jcpenneys again??!! haha..we sooo need to go skateboarding through town! lol...haha we need to go on the beach n pick up guys again haha n then race them from the movies lol...hehe its soo sad to be leaving southampton too!!..im gonna miss my P6 girls!! hehe well mostly Rach G n Jhosie cuz the rest of em I talk to or see lol...I'm gonna miss Tom too!! haha wait..he will be at CW Post..sweet..haha Tom may like to beat up on me lol but hes a real good friend n I love terrorizing him lol...uh oh..i said terrorize...am I gonna get abducted by the CIA? lol...lol annywayyy...I really hope Enda goes to CW Post too lol.. :prays: ohhh plleaseee haha Irish boys kick ass!...lol...haha I think I babbled on enough about this hehe...I will update later...laters ya'll!!

All ya need is...MEL! <33
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hehe I need somewhere to vent... [Apr. 29th, 2005|03:55 pm]
[Current Mood |sleepysleepy]
[Current Music |"Soldier"--Destiny's Child]

heyyy all! hehe I'm so bored that I decided to make a LJ..woohoo! haha last night into today has been one weird trippy experience lol...I went to bed perty early..but then I swore I heard the phone ring n I was like shit its gonna wake up Rach..haha lemme just tell ya now no one else was in the room lol...so then I pick up the phone n I hear a dial tone...weird...so I get this big headache that won't leave me alone!! grarrr so its hard to sleep so I play scrabble for a lil bit n then I'm like alright lets try it again...DENIED! lol...n then I was laying there n my hair felt all blah n I was like ya know what? fuck it lol so I went to take a shower at like 4 or 5 am...then I decided to have the biggest cup of tea ever lol still tired...so i dry my hair n all n the last thing I remember is seeing the sunrise n then waking up at 11 am today hehe I was glad that I did get some sleep otherwise the drive home would have been interesting lol...it was kinda interesting..but I was good at least until I got a block away from home hehe oh well...so I got home n laid down but still couldn't lay still lol wtf...hehe im sooo tired but my body is like no, mel, you can't sleep now lol...haha looking at myself in the mirror at 5 am this morning was quite scary lol..i was like there is like no sleep in these eyes! hehe I haven't slept well at all lately...grarrrr...hehe partially prolly my fault hehe so here I am safe at home =-D....hopefully, i get a good night's sleep tonight so I can be awake tomorrow n get some stuff done n maybe hang out with someone? haha maybe...hehe oh yeah..crying last night prolly didn't make my headache or sleeping go any easier lol...I was soo frustrated last night..but I got over it...hehe got to talk to Kristen bout it, which was cool...she's my new dork from OH/FL lol =-D...hehe but yeah..if things happen the way they were said they would, I want it to be two weeks from now!!! hehe wow I wrote a lot for my first entry..GO ME lol...anyway, I better get going so I can go eat with the mama n watch a movie...i'll update again soon!!!

All ya need is...MEL =-P

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